Australia vs England 2nd Test at Adelaide, 16 Dec, 2021

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat
Australia 473/9 (150.4)  &  230/9 (61)
England 236/10 (84.1)  &  192/10 (113.1)
Australia won by 275 runs
Man of the Match: Marnus Labuschagne

    Over 7.3 SCJ Broad bowls a good length delivery to Marcus Harris, out Caught by Buttler!!  Harris played the pull but had no control over the shot because he was well inside the line. The ball seems to have gone off the back of the bat, but Buttler was so alert to react quickly to the right and take a brilliant catch

    Over 64.2 Ben Stokes bowls a good length delivery to David Warner, out Caught by Broad!! Warner picked a short and wide one, flat-batted this straight to Broad at cover, who is quick enough to hold onto it.

    Over 95.1 Ollie Robinson bowls a pitched up delivery to Marnus Labuschagne, no run, comes on to the front foot and driven straight to the man at mid-off.

    Over 110.3 Joe Root tossed up delivery to Travis Head, out Bowled!! Head was on the move on the flick and lost balance. Missed the ball and it turned enough to hit leg stump.

    Over 111.3 Ben Stokes bowls a good length delivery to Cameron Green, out Bowled!!  Green stays on the front foot and then moved away just enough to beat the defence to hit the top of off stump

    Over 138.6: Out LBW. JM Anderson to Alex Carey,

    Over 140.4: He is Caught. JM Anderson to Mitchell Starc,

    Over 149.1 Ben Stokes bowls a good length delivery to Michael Neser, out Caught by Broad!! Neser thought he could muscle that down the ground, the bat turned in his hands and the mistimed hit flew. Broad moved back from mid-on and took it over his right shoulder.

    Over 150.4 Chris Woakes bowls a good length delivery to Jhye Richardson, out Caught by Buttler!! Short delivery outside off stump, Richardson plays a rash pull, for once a top edge goes to hand.