Chennai XI vs Rajasthan XI Royals need 2 runs in 18 balls. RRR: 0.66 at Abu Dhabi, 19 Oct, 2020

Toss: Chennai, who chose to bat
Chennai XI 125/5 (20)
Rajasthan XI 126/3 (17.3)
Rajasthan won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Jos Buttler
  • Jos Buttler 70 * (48)
  • Steven Smith 26 * (34)

Over 6.2 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Jos Buttler, Boundary! Picks it away from middle and leg with the reverse-sweep. The ball raced away to the fence for four.

Over 6.3 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Jos Buttler, 2 runs, gets forward and sweeps it through square leg and picks up a couple of runs.

Over 6.4 Ravindra Jadeja bowls it flat in the air to Jos Buttler,1 run, shuffles across and clips it behind square.

Over 6.5 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Steven Smith, no run, gets forward and  pushes to the right of short extra cover who makes a good stop.

Over 6.6 Ravindra Jadeja bowls it short of length to Steven Smith,1 run, gets back in the crease and punches it past the man at point.

Over 17.1 Ravindra Jadeja bowls it short of length to Jos Buttler, no run, punched off the backfoot to cover.

Over 17.2 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Jos Buttler,1 run, gets across the line and flicked behind square leg for a single.

Over 17.3 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Steven Smith,1 run, moves across in the crease and glance to midwicket for a winning run.

Rajasthan won by 7 wickets