Hyderabad XI vs Punjab XI 22nd Match at Dubai, 08 Oct, 2020

Toss: Hyderabad, who chose to bat
Hyderabad XI 201/6 (20)
Punjab XI 132/10 (16.5)
Hyderabad won by 69 runs
Man of the Match: Jonny Bairstow
  • R Bishnoi 6 * (7)

Over 4.2: He is Caught. Khaleel Ahmed to Simran Singh,

Over 6.4 Abhishek Sharma tossed up delivery to Lokesh Rahul,  out Caught by Williamson!! Rahul was down on his knee to play the sweep that induced a top-edge and flew straight to Kane Williamson at deep square leg.

Over 10.6 T Natarajan bowls a good length delivery to GJ Maxwell, out Maxwell Run Out!! Maxwell jams it to extra cover and decide to go for the risky single. Garg collects the ball cleanly and hits the bullseye at the bowler's end.Maxwell was short of his crease. 

Over 12.3 Rashid Khan bowls a quicker arm ball to Mandeep Singh, out Bowled!! Mandeep was late in bringing in his bat down. The wrong 'un spins past the inside edge to cannon onto the sticks.

Over 14.5 Rashid Khan tossed up delivery to Nicholas Pooran, out Caught by T Natarajan!! Pooran goes after it with a cut shot. Isn't in control of it and offers a dolly to Natarajan at backward point.

Over 16.2 T Natarajan bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to Sheldon Cottrell, out Bowled!! Cottrell goes for an ambitious drive, brings his bat down late and the ball crashes into the middle stump.

Over 16.5 T Natarajan bowls a good length delivery to Arshdeep Singh, out Caught by Warner!!  Arshdeep Singh drives hard and hits it straight to Warner at wide mid-off and he makes no mistake.