Hyderabad XI vs Kolkata XI 8th Match at Hyderabad, 16 Apr, 2016

Toss: Sunrisers Hyderabad, who chose to bat
Hyderabad XI 142/7 (20)
Kolkata XI 146/2 (18.2)
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 8 wickets
Man of the Match: G Gambhir
  • Manish Pandey 11 * (11)
  • G Gambhir 90 * (60)

Over 19.1 Andre Russell bowls a good length delivery to Karn Sharma, 1 run, gets forward and helps it down to deep mid-wicket.

Over 19.3 Andre Russell bowls a back of length delivery to Karn Sharma, 1 run, goes on to the back foot and tries to club it over mid-wicket after clearing his front leg, he gets an edge to deep backward point.