Perth Scorchers vs Sydney Sixers 10th Match at Sydney, 29 Dec, 2014

Toss: Perth Scorchers, who chose to bat first
Perth Scorchers 135/7 (20)
Sydney Sixers 99/10 (17.3)
Perth Scorchers won by 36 runs
Man of the Match: Andrew Tye
  • B Lee 7 * (5)

Over 6.1Matt Dixon bowls pitched up delivery to MC Henriques, pulls it through mid onSixer!

Over 7.2Ashton Agar bowls quicker and flatter in the air to RikiWessels, gets forward and drives it straight down the groundSixer!

Over 9.4Ashton Agar bowls flighted delivery to RikiWessels, pulls it through mid onSixer!