Some useful resources every passionate cricket fan requires

Published on: Dec 19, 2023

Whether you tune in to watch the T20 World Cup every few years or you’re an avid follower of the Indian Premier League on a weekly basis, cricket is a great sport to follow. In fact, cricket fandom is arguably the best around, with fans of the sport being captivated by the drama that typically unfolds with every big encounter.

Additionally, passionate sets of fans, like England’s Barmy Army, help create a memorable atmosphere inside and outside of stadiums around the world. Fans also engage in debates online; they listen to podcasts and read numerous online reviews ahead of indulging in some sports betting; they watch an abundance of YouTube content, follow well-known pundits online, read a variety of books, and loads more. Put simply, cricket fans aren’t short on material dedicated to the sport they know and love.

Given the global popularity of the sport, though, there is an argument to suggest that fans are almost spoilt for choice. For some, the extensive selection of cricket-based material can feel overwhelming, while others struggle to find the very best resources in what has become a saturated modern sporting environment in general.

For example, fans of football are inundated with resources that are dedicated to the beautiful game, be it fan-led YouTube channels or respected experts on popular social media networks like X. The internet is packed full of stuff based around the sport. The same applies to cricket, particularly given the sport’s popularity in countries like India, Australia, and New Zealand.

So, in order to make sure you’re accessing the very best resources that won’t waste your valuable time, then below is a lowdown on some of the best products in this area. From podcasts and YouTube channels to news sites and blogs follow, we’ve got you covered.

There are some strong cricket podcasts out there

If you’re passionate about domestic cricket in India or you prefer to gain a more rounded view on the sport around the world as a whole, then there is a plethora of well-made podcasts to listen to on a regular basis.

A favoured choice for many is certainly Red Inker With Jarrod Kimber, a much-loved production that takes a deep dive into some of the sport’s most powerful talking points. Featuring well-respected guests and offering a great listen overall, it’s an excellent podcast to follow. Never on the Backfoot: A Podcast is another superb offering in this area after being started by a knowledgeable cricket fanatic who is impossible not to warm to. Likewise, The Guerilla Cricket Podcast is similar, although it tends to focus on English cricket. For fans of Indian cricket, though, Gully Cricket to Bouncy Wicket is worth checking out, particularly as there is a strong focus on Indian cricket as a whole and the IPL.

While the aforementioned podcasts are some of the best around, they aren’t the only options out there. Other excellent productions in this area include the likes of Cricket Unfiltered, Following On Cricket Podcast, Howzat! The Cricket Podcast, Cricket with an Accent Podcast, Atom Bigg Cricket Podcast, and The Grade Cricketer.

The very best online publications

If you prefer to read your cricket news from respected journalists and bloggers over listening to a podcast, then there is some fantastic online content in this area that will inform and educate you on the sport.

For starters, ESPNcricinfo is a go-to option for many, alongside other world-famous websites like Wisden, Stumps Magazine, The Cricketer, The Cricket Monthly, and Cricsip.

Alongside these tried and trusted publications are fans who share their musings online. Some of the best blogs out there includes the likes of The Full Toss, Well Pitched - A Cricket Blog, Limited Overs, and Smoke Signals.

YouTube is the perfect place to soak up cricket-related content

From five-minute rants on memorable Test matches to informative discussions around some of the sport’s most compelling talking points, YouTube is the perfect place to consume content for many fans of cricket.

For example, the aforementioned world of football is filled with content on YouTube, with fan-led channels adding another layer of intrigue to a sport that has so much opinion and news dedicated to it. Cricket is similar in that respect, with a variety of cricket-related YouTube channels recording notable success in recent times and building up quite a reputation for themselves in the process.

One channel that certainly fits the bill in that respect is SD Factz Hindi, an option that has just over 720,000 subscribers at the time of writing due to its detailed focus on cricket news, trends, and analysis. Super Cricket is another top channel on YouTube, particularly if you have a strong interest in cricket on this side of the pond. Additionally, Ulloor Cricket is a fascinating channel in this area, while Pawan Gajula is another fantastic content creator, especially given the point of view content he shares thanks to his GoPro camera that is used to create engaging videos from the pitch.

Other popular cricket-related YouTube channels includes ICC, Sri Lanka Cricket, England & Wales Cricket Board, Windies Cricket, Cricket Cardio, Momin Saqib, Cricket Krunch, and The Magnet Family