Bangalore XI vs Kolkata XI 6th Match at Mumbai, 30 Mar, 2022

Toss: Bangalore, who chose to bowl
Kolkata XI 128/10 (18.5)
Bangalore XI 132/7 (19.2)
Bangalore won by 3 wickets
Man of the Match: Wanindu Hasaranga
  • Harshal Patel 10 * (6)
  • Dinesh Karthik 14 * (7)

Over 5.2 Akash Deep bowls it short of length to Nitish Rana, Six! Gets forward and swings across the line and sends the ball flying over mid-wicket, hit so well that it went all the way

Over 7.2: Sixer!. Akash Deep to Sunil Narine,

Over 8.2 Wanindu Hasaranga tossed up delivery to Sam Billings, Six!  Came down the track and swinging across the line and all the way over mid-wicket for six.

Over 10.5 Wanindu Hasaranga bowls a quicker arm ball to Andre Russell, Six! Goes down on one knee to slogsweep the delivery miles in the air over mid-wicket

Over 12.2 Shahbaz Ahmed tossed up delivery to Andre Russell,Six!  Went down and smashed it with brute force. He has to play his shots 

Over 12.4 Shahbaz Ahmed bowls it short of length to Andre Russell,Six! Backs away in the crease and  slices the loft but even a slice from this man is good enough to carry the ball over long-of

Over 18.1 Akash Deep bowls it short of length to Umesh Yadav, Six! Rock back in the crease and pulls it high and handsome over deep mid-wicket for a maximum.