England vs New Zealand 2nd Test at Birmingham, 10 Jun, 2021

Toss: England, who chose to bat
England 303/10 (101)  &  122/10 (41.1)
New Zealand 388/10 (119.1)  &  41/2 (10.5)
New Zealand won by 8 wickets
Man of the Match: Matt Henry
  • Tom Latham 23 * (32)
  • Ross Taylor 0 * (0)

Over 29.6 Matt Henry bowls a good length delivery to Dominic Sibley, out Caught by Tom Blundell!! A tentative poke and all he manages was an outside edge. He did try to pull his bat in, but was too late to do 

Over 30.6 Neil Wagner bowls a good length delivery to Zak Crawley, out Caught by Daryl Mitchell!! Crawley gets forward and pushes hard at it and outside-edges it. Mitchell grabs at the third slip.

Over 33.5 Matt Henry bowls a good length delivery to Joe Root, out Caught by Tom Blundell!!  Root gets forward to defend and gets undone by the late away swing. gets an outside nick and Tom Blundell dives to his right to complete the catch. 

Over 49.4 Ajaz Patel tossed up delivery to Ollie Pope, out Caught by Tom Blundell!! Pope went for the cut and this time the outside edge is held by the keeper.

Over 58.6 Trent Boult bowls a good length delivery to Rory Burns,  out Caught by Latham!! Burns wanted to attack, threw his bat away from his body and lost control. Elicits a healthy outside edge which went low to Latham at the second slip.

Over 60.1 Trent Boult bowls a good length delivery to James Bracey, out Caught by Daryl Mitchell!! Bracey in a hurry to get off the mark goes slashing with hard hands. The extra nip bites the outside edge and flies to the third slip.

Over 75.2 Ajaz Patel bowls a quicker arm ball to Olly Stone, out Lbw!! Olly Stone gets down to sweep and misses it.  Hit him on the back thigh as he got low to broom it away. Big shout for lbw and up goes umpire Richard Illingworth's finger. 

Over 95.1 Matt Henry bowls a good length delivery to Mark Wood, out Bowled!! Wood looks for an expansive drive and feeds a thick inside edge back onto the stumps. 

Over 96.2 Trent Boult bowls a good length delivery to SCJ Broad, out Caught by Tom Blundell! Broad looked to play conservatively. Sticks out his fishing rod well outside off and sends a healthy edge through to the keeper.

Over 100.6 Trent Boult bowls a good length delivery to JM Anderson, out Lbw!! Good length ball and beats Anderson on the inside edge, the ball seemed to have hit him slightly high but it was good enough to hit the top of the leg stump