Punjab XI vs Rajasthan XI 32nd Match at Dubai, 21 Sep, 2021

Toss: Punjab, who chose to bowl
Rajasthan XI 185/10 (20)
Punjab XI 183/4 (20)
Rajasthan Royals won by 2 runs
Man of the Match: Kartik Tyagi

    Over 1.6 Ishan Porel bowls a pitched up delivery to Evin Lewis,Six! Gets under the ball and pumped over long-on for a maximum.

    Over 6.4 Adil Rashid tossed up delivery to Yashasvi Jaiswal,Six! Stays under, waits under and full-faces this tonk into the long-off stands.

    Over 8.3 Adil Rashid bowls it short of length to Yashasvi Jaiswal,Six! Goes deep back in his crease and mows, and smokes it way over cow corner

    Over 11.4: Sixer!. Arshdeep Singh to Liam Livingstone,

    Over 13.5: Sixer!. Adil Rashid to Mahipal Lomror,

    Over 13.6: Sixer!. Adil Rashid to Mahipal Lomror,

    Over 15.1 Deepak Hooda bowls a pitched up delivery to Mahipal Lomror,Six! gets Advances and smashes this straight down the ground over long-off. Got to the pitch of the ball and powers it high beyond the sightscreen

    Over 15.2: Sixer!. Deepak Hooda to Mahipal Lomror,