Chennai XI vs Hyderabad XI 23rd Match at Delhi, 28 Apr, 2021

Toss: Hyderabad, who chose to bat
Hyderabad XI 171/3 (20)
Chennai XI 173/3 (18.3)
Chennai won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Ruturaj Gaikwad
  • Suresh Raina 17 * (15)
  • Ravindra Jadeja 7 * (6)

Over 2.1 Deepak Chahar bowls a good length delivery to David Warner, Boundary! Stays leg-side of the ball and happily lofts without trying to hit hard, one bounce to the cover boundary.

Over 2.3 Deepak Chahar bowls a pitched up delivery to Jonny Bairstow, Boundary! Gets this on the inside half of the bat, importantly keeps it along the ground and rolls it wide of mid-on

Over 4.2 Deepak Chahar bowls it short of length to Manish Pandey, Boundary! Comes on to the front foot and slashes it square of the wicket on the off-side and gets off the mark with a boundary.

Over 5.2 Sam Curran bowls a good length delivery to Manish Pandey, Boundary! Comes onto the front foot and punches it beautifully through extra cover and the ball raced away to the fence for four.

Over 6.3: Boundary!. Shardul Thakur to David Warner,

Over 10.3 Lungi Ngidi bowls it short of length to David Warner, Boundary! Backing away, sliced it hard and hit that tiny gap between backward point and cover-point and gets a boundary.

Over 12.4 Shardul Thakur bowls a good length delivery to Manish Pandey, no run, gets forward and left alone outside off through to the keeper.

Over 13.5 Ravindra Jadeja bowls a quicker arm ball to Manish Pandey, Boundary! Gets forward and throws his hands at this widish delivery and gets an under edge that nutmegs Dhoni and races away to the fence

Over 17.4 Lungi Ngidi bowls a back of length delivery to Manish Pandey, Boundary! Makes room and bludgeons it straight down the ground towards long-off

Over 17.6 Lungi Ngidi bowls a pitched up delivery to Kane Williamson, Boundary! Gets forward and chips it over mid-off as he manages to get four runs to end the over.

Over 18.2 Shardul Thakur bowls a pitched up delivery to Kane Williamson, Boundary! Moves across in the crease and flicks it over mid-wicket as the ball almost goes the distance

Over 18.4 Shardul Thakur slips in a full toss to Kane Williamson, Boundary! Stand tall and heaves it through mid-wicket and gets another boundary.

Over 18.5 Shardul Thakur bowls a good length delivery to Kane Williamson, Boundary! Backs away in the crease and  carved it uppishly over backward point as there is no fielder in the deep to cut this down

Over 19.5 Sam Curran bowls it short of length to Kedar Jadhav, Boundary! Backs away in the crease and steers it down to the third man fence for four.