Bangalore XI vs Rajasthan XI 49th Match at Bengaluru, 30 Apr, 2019

Toss: Rajasthan, who chose to bowl
Bangalore XI 62/7 (5)
Rajasthan XI 41/1 (3.2)
No result
  • Liam Livingstone 11 * (7)

Over 1.1 Navdeep Saini bowls a good length delivery to Liam Livingstone, Boundary! Clears his front leg and heaves it hard and over mid-wicket. A couple of bounces and into the fence.

Over 1.2 Navdeep Saini bowls it short of length to Liam Livingstone, Six!! Shuffles across on the back foot and pulls it high and handsome over deep mid-wicket and the ball went all the way into the stands.

Over 1.3 Navdeep Saini bowls a pitched up delivery to Liam Livingstone,1 run, gets forward and drives it through cover-point and gets a single.

Over 1.5 Navdeep Saini bowls a good length delivery to Liam Livingstone, no run, gets early into his heave/pull against this shortened length delivery. The inside edge goes to the keeper on the bounce

Over 1.6 Navdeep Saini bowls a good length delivery to Liam Livingstone, no run, gets forward and stretch to reach out for this delivery, connects with thin air.

Over 2.3 Kulwant Khejroliya bowls a good length delivery to Liam Livingstone,1 leg bye, Moves across a long way towards off to play the scoop. Khejroliya followed him and Livingstone was cramped for room.

Over 3.1 Yuzvendra Chahal tossed up delivery to Liam Livingstone,1 bye, gets forward and swings hard and misses.