Mumbai XI vs Delhi XI 3rd Match at Mumbai, 24 Mar, 2019

Toss: Mumbai, who chose to bowl
Delhi XI 213/6 (20)
Mumbai XI 176/9 (19.2)
Delhi won by 37 runs
Man of the Match: Rishabh Pant
  • Rasikh Salam 5 * (4)

Over 11.1 Axar Patel tossed up delivery to Hardik Pandya, no run, comes on to the front foot and pushes it straight to the man at cover.

Over 11.2 Axar Patel tossed up delivery to Hardik Pandya,  out Caught and Bowled!!  Quickish slider and he pats it back down the track. Couldn't keep it down and a dolly of a return catch for Axar who accepts it like a craving kid who gets a candy.