Chennai XI vs Rajasthan XI 17th Match at Pune, 20 Apr, 2018

Toss: Rajasthan XI, who chose to bowl
Chennai XI 204/5 (20)
Rajasthan XI 140/10 (18.3)
Chennai XI won by 64 runs
Man of the Match: SR Watson
  • Shreyas Gopal 8 * (10)

Over 0.5Deepak Chahar bowls pitched up delivery to Ajinkya Rahane, pulls it away through mid wicketSixer!

Over 7.6 Imran Tahir bowls a tossed up delivery to JC Buttler, Six!! Comes on to the front foot and smashes it straight over long off for a maximum.

Over 13.4 Imran Tahir bowls a tossed up delivery to Ben Stokes, Six!! Stretches out to reach this googly and then flat-bats it over long-off for a maximum.