Delhi XI vs Hyderabad XI 40th Match at Delhi, 02 May, 2017

Toss: Delhi Daredevils, who chose to bowl
Hyderabad XI 185/3 (20)
Delhi XI 189/4 (19.1)
Delhi Daredevils won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Mohammed Shami
  • Chris Morris 15 * (7)
  • Corey Anderson 41 * (24)

Over 4.1 Mohammed Siraj bowls a good length delivery to SV Samson, out Caught by Dhawan!! Samson is early into his stroke,  the slash. In the end, slices it straight into the bucket hands of Dhawan at cover-point.

Over 7.4 Siddarth Kaul bowls a good length delivery to Karun Nair, out Caught by Bhuvneshwar!! 

Over 11.4 Mohammed Siraj to Rishabh Pant, out Bowled!! A yorker on the legs, too tough to negotiate. Pant's bat comes down late and he deflects it off his leg to the off-pole.

Over 15.6 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a slower one to Shreyas Iyer, out Caught by Siraj!! Tries to ramp but there is no pace or the bounce to ease things for him. Ends up guiding it into the hands of Siraj at short third man.