Mumbai XI vs Gujarat Lions 16th match at Mumbai, 16 Apr, 2017

Toss: Mumbai Indians, who chose to field
Gujarat Lions 176/4 (20)
Mumbai XI 177/4 (19.3)
Mumbai Indians won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Nitish Rana
  • Hardik Pandya 6 * (3)
  • Rohit Sharma 40 * (29)

Over 0.1 Praveen Kumar bowls a good length delivery to Parthiv Patel, no runs, gets forward and let it go through to the keeper.

Over 0.2 Praveen Kumar bowls a pitched up delivery to Parthiv Patel, out Caught by Roy! Parthiv gets a leading edge looking to work it through the on-side and finds point. Jason Roy collects it in his third attempt.