Delhi XI vs Hyderabad XI 52nd T20 at Raipur, 20 May, 2016

Toss: Delhi Daredevils, who chose to bowl
Hyderabad XI 158/7 (20)
Delhi XI 161/4 (20)
Delhi Daredevils won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Karun Nair
  • Sanju Samson 3 * (4)
  • Karun Nair 83 * (59)

Over 18.3 Mustafizur Rahman bowls a good length delivery to SV Samson, 1 run, shuffles across and flicks it down to long-on.

Over 19.1 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls it short of length to SV Samson, 2 runs, goes back and across, pulls it over square-leg and picks up couple of runs.

Over 19.2 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to SV Samson, 1 leg bye, goes deep in the crease and misses the flick, the ball goes of the pads towards short fine-leg.

Over 19.4 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a pitched up delivery to SV Samson, 1 leg bye!