Bangladesh vs Pakistan 14th T20I at Mumbai, 16 Mar, 2016

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bat first
Pakistan 201/5 (20)
Bangladesh 146/6 (20)
Pakistan won by 55 runs
Man of the Match: Shahid Afridi
  • Mashrafe Mortaza 15 * (9)
  • Shakib Al Hasan 50 * (40)

Over 0.3 Mohammad Amir bowls a good length delivery to Soumya Sarkar, out Bowled! Off stump out for a walk.

Over 5.5 Shahid Afridi bowls a quicker arm ball to Sabbir Rahman, out Bowled! Sabbir goes deep in the crease and misses the cut, the ball clips the top of the middle.

Over 7.6 Shahid Afridi bowls a tossed up delivery to Tamim Iqbal,  out Caught by Imad Wasim!! Tamim goes for the slog-sweep, but mistimes it, went off the outside half of the bat and deep mid-wicket moved to his left before collecting a simple catch. 

Over 10.2 Imad Wasim bowls a tossed up delivery to Mahmudullah, out Caught by Sharjeel Khan!!  Mahmudullah goes for the slog-sweep, connection not proper, deep backward square leg runs forward, dives and takes a good low catch.

Over 16.4 Mohammad Amir bowls a good length delivery to Mushfiqur Rahim, out Caught by Sarfraz!!  Rahim top-edges on the pull, the keeper moves to his left and takes an easy catch.

Over 17.4 Mohammad Irfan bowls a good length delivery to Mohammad Mithun Ali ,out Caught by Amir!! Easy catch for Amir.