Kolkata XI vs Rajasthan XI 54th T20 at Mumbai, 16 May, 2015

Toss: Rajasthan Royals, who chose to bat first
Rajasthan XI 199/6 (20)
Kolkata XI 190/9 (20)
Rajasthan Royals won by 9 runs
Man of the Match: SR Watson
  • Morne Morkel 4 * (3)
  • Umesh Yadav 24 * (11)

Over 6.6 Azhar Mahmood  to AM Rahane,  out Rahane Run Out!! 1 run completed. This was pitched up and held its line outside off, Rahane got a good stride forward and drove it to the right of sweeper cover. Rahane always wanted the second run, Watson was never interested in it. Rahane was committed and was halfway down the track before being sent back. Shakib fires at the bowler's end, Mahmood collects the ball and whips the bails off.

Over 10.5 Andre Russell to SPD Smith, out Caught by M Morkel!!   It was a high full toss from Russell, Smith goes across and looks to help it on its way past short fine leg, but ends up hitting it straight into the hands of Morkel.

Over 12.5Andre Russell to SV Samson He is Caught ...

Over 14.3 Andre Russell to James Faulkner, out Caught by Suryakumar Yadav!!  It was full and on the stumps, Faulkner wristily lofts it in the air over mid-wicket, didn't time it all that well. Suryakumar Yadav runs  from long-on and takes a simple catch

Over 17.6U Yadav bowls good length delivery to KarunNair, gets an outside edge which is caught by the Keeper.He is Caught

Over 19.6 U Yadav  to CH Morris, out C Morris Run Out!! 1 run completed.