Mumbai XI vs Kolkata XI 51st T20 at Mumbai, 14 May, 2015

Toss: Kolkata Knight Riders, who chose to bowl first
Mumbai XI 171/4 (20)
Kolkata XI 166/7 (20)
Mumbai Indians won by 5 runs
Man of the Match: Hardik Pandya
  • Umesh Yadav 5 * (2)
  • PP Chawla 1 * (7)

Over 4.2 Shakib Al Hasan to Parthiv Patel, out Caught by M Pandey! Shakib slows down the pace as Parthiv came down the track, the ball dipped onto him, he wasn't there to the pitch, he ended up shovelling it over mid-wicket. Manish came in from the deep and holds onto the simple catch.

Over 5.4 M Morkel to LMP Simmons, out Caught by M Pandey!!  This was banged in short and just outside off, Simmons made room for the cut, the ball got big on him, he end up getting a top-edge and high in the air, Manish settled underneath and holds onto the dolly.

Over 6.3 Shakib Al Hasan  to AT Rayudu, out Caught by A Russell!! This was flighted and well outside off, Rayudu comes down the track and was looking to go inside out over cover. The bat turned in his hands and he ends up slicing it high and towards long-off. 

Over 11.4 SP Narine to RG Sharma, out Bowled!!Pitched on middle and straightened, Rohit played down the wrong line, is beaten in defence and the ball hits the top of off-stump.