Chennai XI vs Mumbai XI 43rd T20 at Chennai, 08 May, 2015

Toss: Chennai Super Kings, who chose to bat first
Chennai XI 158/5 (20)
Mumbai XI 159/4 (19.2)
Mumbai Indians won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Hardik Pandya
  • Hardik Pandya 21 * (8)
  • AT Rayudu 34 * (19)

Over 4.5 R Vinay Kumar to BB McCullum,  out Caught by Pandya!! This was short on the stumps. McCullum rocked back on the pull, didn't bother to keep it down, the ball goes straight into the palms of pandya at deep mid-wicket

Over 8.4 Jagadeesha Suchith to SK Raina, out Caught by Pandya!!  Raina had to lunge forward as he looked to whip it towards mid-wicket, ends up dragging the ball in front of square. Pandya runs across to his right and completes thesuperb catch.

Over 9.1 Harbhajan Singh bowls a tossed up delivery to DR Smith, out Caught by Hardik Pandya!! Smith down on his knee and slogs it in the air towards mid-wicket and Pandya takes another superb catch in the end.

Over 15.2 MJ McClenaghan to Faf du Plessis, out Caught by Simmons!! .The slower delivery around off, du Plessis walks across the stumps and plays the lap shot, he almost cleared the fielder at short fine, but Simmons times his jump to perfection and takes it.

Over 19.6 Marchant de Lange to MS Dhoni, out Negi Run Out!!